New Milton Town Council


Town Council Refocuses Efforts in Response to Coronavirus Crisis

Since the Coronavirus crisis forced the Town Hall to close its doors on 19 March 2020, New Milton Town Council has been quick to respond to the Coronavirus crisis. Office staff are now working from home, with the phone line diverted; and the Estates team are taking health and safety precautions, including safe-distancing and sanitisation.

 The Town Council is a firm supporter of the community-led New Milton Covid Support Group, organising and funding the printing and distribution of a door-drop to half the households in the Parish, with the Group’s volunteers distributing to the other half. (The Support Group have set up a helpline, website and team of volunteers for local residents needing help – particularly those without access to the internet.)

The Town Council is now exploring the feasibility of setting up as a financial broker – to enable food deliveries to those unable to access online food ordering – whilst precluding the need for volunteers to handle cash on the doorstep. This presents some logistical challenges but, with the support of the New Milton Covid Support Group, the Town Council is committed to doing whatever it can to support local residents at this critical time.

Council meetings are now carried out online by video conference, the first such meeting being a Planning Meeting held on 9 April. This was followed by an Amenities Meeting on 14 April. Anyone wishing to join the public meetings, as published on the New Milton Town Council website, including the Town Council meeting scheduled for 11 May, should contact the Town Council for advice on the platform and login access.

The Town Mayor, Cllr Alvin Reid, commented: “We are here to help and support the community as we work together in this difficult situation. My personal view is that our residents should be confident that we are doing what needs to be done, for the benefit of the whole community.”

For further information, contact: or 01425 619120